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What others are saying 

"I know I have a ways to go through my healing process. However, I wanted to take a moment to express my most sincerest gratitude for your compassion, empathy, encouragement, guidance, and inspiration. You are a professional - even when we are winging it. If this process effects me the way it does, I can only imagine how challenging it is for you! I look forward to my continued journey and hope you are on board with me."  - Past Client, VP, referred by insurer


“Carlyn was incredible. She was very kind and also professional, helping me through a very difficult time. The type of work that she does is absolutely critical in helping people to get back on their feet so the work she does influences every area of people's lives. She was really focused on goals and supporting me in the decisions that I needed to make. She helped provide very specific tools which enabled me to progress quite quickly. I highly recommend the important work that she does and her specifically as a provider of that service.”  - Past Client, Mental Health Clinician, referred by insurer


"Carlyn is always on time for appointments with a big smile on her face. Every time! Her experience is exceptional in all aspects and is evident in her highly perceptive approach. It is no surprise that she is connected to likeminded colleagues as each team member she has brought on has been top notch. Carlyn has been flexible and creative in her work with me, getting the required things done, even if they aren't usually in her job description. She is an exceptional lady and OT. It has been a pleasure to work with her." - Dr. Robert B. Church, Professor Emeritus, former long-term, private client